FabFilter Timeless 2 Delay

I love the Roland Space Echo tape delay devices. They produce warm, analogue and wonderfully natural delays; perfect for Dub. Replacing the record and playback heads after many years of service is always great, finding new looped tape stock is also recommended or even making your own.

Then along came another German software company (at ToKwerX we love German software) to send the beloved 501 to the garage for storage: FabFilter. This company produce some wonderful sounding algorithms but the one I fell equally in love with was the Timeless 2 Delay. You know what, this thing sounds like a Space Echo; I kid you not. Add to that, it's in Stereo, has a great 2 band filter embedded and like all plug-ins from FabFilter gives me absolute control over every single parameter. I can even set up multiple modulation sources like LFO and Envelope Followers to modulate the delay parameters and EQ - awesome.

Check out the new releases from San Salvador, mixed and mastered here at ToKwerX. Every time you hear a time-based effect, that's the FabFilter Timeless 2. I've got three to four of them running in every mix, all allocated to different functions and times. The real-time automation of delay time, pan, feedback and filters works seamlessly in ProTools although I did create a custom plug-in map for the Command|8 controller that was more Dub-wize.

If you love analogue delay you have to check this out. It simply makes a Space Echo cumbersome and dare I say it - redundant? FAB!