7 Days

This coming week I shall be setting up my system in the new ToKwerX @ Coloursound Studios in Altona Beach. This has been and remains a monumental task in time management given ongoing studio work with current clients, teaching at RMIT and importantly my family. The countdown has begun though and this Easter has been an important time to complete the new space. I'll post a few more "in progress" pics later this week but here is Part A of the floating floor; part B laid tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Floating Floor Part A

Floating Floor Part A

Oh-Zone FIVE

Oh. Izotope. You've done it again. Ozone 5 is a serious piece of kit. The advanced version allows the different elements of the plug-in to be instantiated as separate plugs, EQ, Multi-band Dynamics etc. Additions to metering, stereo image and a Post EQ make this one of the most significant upgrades to an already great piece of software. The Mid-Side EQ functions have always been a favourite of mine and to now have that available within the mix is excellent. As with version 4, all relevant elements of processing are multi-band, including the Stereo image functions. This has always been great for widening the upper-mids whilst mono-izing the bottom end. With version 5 there are also additions to the Reverb algorithms and a slick new interface. Check it out - Izotope are certainly one of the most progressive companies in this field and Ozone 5 has failed to disappoint. www.izotope.com