UAD & Parallel Compression

Parallel Compression is certainly not a new concept. With analogue mixers for decades this has been the signal path to seriously kickin' drums. As I always suggest, not one stage of compression in an attempt to cover all aspects, but several stages, each with their own musical focus. Those of you with the UAD library available I recommend trying this:

(1) UAD 1176 on Pump Mode, Fast In & a little less Fast Out Drive the input pretty hard so Kicks and Snares receive about 6db of peak reduction; (2) UAD Pultec EQ1 with serious boosts on 3k & 60Hz thereby overdriving the output stage of the EQ. This is beautiful analogue distortion on the hardware. The UAD digital version has the same characteristics; (3) UAD EL7 FATSO as a final buss compressor, also sporting some serious bottom-end transformer-saturation. Attack time 1ms with release around 10ms.

Now that just gets it kickin'.