ToKwerX Master Buss

ToKwerX Master Buss

Avalon Valve Processing

Avalon Valve Processing

  • APPLE Mac Pro Xeon 8 Core "Nehalem" 20GB RAM

  • AVID HD2 PCIe Protools 10.3.10 HD-TDM with "HEAT"

  • UNIVERSAL AUDIO UAD-2 Duo PCIe with Universal Audio ultra high-end plug-ins

  • KORG MR2000s High Definition DSD Stereo Recorder

  • DSD - PCM Conversion via "Saracon" by WEISS

  • LYNX Aurora 16 Mastering A-D/D-A converter

  • NEUTRIK Liechtenstein balanced Patchbay

  • AVALON 747 SP Stereo Compressor & EQ

  • AVALON 737 SP Custom Matched Pair Channel Strips (modified by Rob Squire @ Proharmonic)

  • HARRISON 3232 Pair Channel Strips (Transformer model) racked & tweaked by Rob Squire

  • QUAD EIGHT CL22 Pair VCA Compressor/Limiter/Expander racked & tweaked by Rob Squire

  • AUDIENT Sumo 16ch Analogue Summing Mixer & Audient's flagship Compressor/Limiter

  • AVID Artist Control Eucon Surface

  • AVID Artist MIX Eucon Surface

  • DIGIDESIGN Command|8 Control Surface

  • DYNAUDIO BM6A & VAF Research Octavio Monitors, AKG 141K Headphones

  • Classic Analogue Synth's & Controllers by Roland & Fairlight